What IROs need to know about stakeholder engagement

Mar. 27|09|2022 de 17h00 à 18h00 Twitter Linkdin Facebook  
IR Magazine Webinar.
Companies today are expected to create value for a wide range of stakeholders, not just their shareholders. To do this, they need to engage effectively with their different stakeholder groups and ensure communications to different parties are aligned.
At the same time, various stakeholders, from investors to customers and employees, are hungry for information on the same areas, such as climate change and diversity. Companies must take into account this wider audience when crafting their message.
For IR teams, this environment requires a new approach to investor communications. IROs today are broadening their message to cover sustainability issues, collaborating more closely with other departments and ensuring their message resonates with all stakeholders.
In this webinar, you’ll hear leading IROs and corporate advisers discuss:
  • How the audience for investor communications is evolving and what that means for telling your story
  • The impact of the market downturn on prioritizing ESG reporting and sustainability
  • The way IR teams are working more closely with other departments, such as sustainability and corporate communications, to align messaging
  • What digital channels and tools companies are using to ensure their story is received and understood by all stakeholders