Welcome to the Cliff website. Here you can learn more about our association, its purpose and activities, and get the latest news in the field of financial communications and investor relations. This site reflects the values long held by Cliff: professionalism, sharing, ethics, trust and conviviality.

We invite you to join us: alongside our active members, financial communications directors and their staff. The association also welcomes professionals who work as financial communications consultants or in related areas. These associate members bring a fresh skill set making for more rewarding discussions.

Among one of the Cliff’s major projects is the training program for continuing education in financial communications disciplines in partnership with the University of Paris-Dauphine. Designed for all those who work in some capacity within the expanding field of financial communications and investor relations, the courses are suited to professionals of every level. They start with an introduction to the profession and go all the way to professional certification.

Today, Cliff is more engaged than ever, since it was created in 1987. It offers to its members the opportunity to share experiences, enhance their know-how and enrich their professionalism in a mutually beneficial way and a convivial atmosphere: a sincere thank you to all of you who participate in this dynamic.