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The Association

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Created in 1987, the Cliff is the French association of financial communication professionals. 

256 members belonging in 164 Companies:

  • 198 members from 119 companies listed for trading in France and representing 80% of Paris market place capitalization;
  • 52 associated members from 45 companies: consultants and specialists in fields related to financial communication;
  • 4 temporary members (previously members, looking for a new job) ; 
  • 2 honorary chairwomen.

Cliff's Missions:

  • Encourage sharing of experiences
  • Promote status of Investor Relations professionals
  • Voice opinion of Investor Relations professionals
  • Teach in the field of financial communications.

The Association is a recognized voice for the profession in France. With an active programme encouraging the sharing of experiences, expertise and new evolving topics, a successful training programme in partnership with a renowned French University (Paris-Dauphine-PSL) and its contribution to the annual publication of the "Financial Communications: Framework and Practices", the Cliff helps promote the status of Investor Relations professionals.

Core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Sharing
  • Ethics
  • Trust
  • Conviviality

CLIFF is an association under the Act of 1901.